Lake Lady is a songwriter and scriptwriter from Minnesota, land of the lakes. She grew up performing in the theater, choir, orchestra and band. Between attending art camps and art schools, she spent summers at her grandparent's idyllic lakefront cabin, a welcome reprieve from the troubles at home. At 15, she and her mom moved from the Midwest to California. Lake Lady started writing songs as a way to cope with the transition. She recorded them acapella style on a Tascam 4-track with a Shure mic and AKG headphones. After graduating early from Orange County High School of the Arts where she studied Musical Theater and Creative Writing, she began writing lyrics and melodies for Trip Hop, Drum & Bass and R&B producers she met in Los Angeles.

During that time, Lake Lady taught herself to compose music on guitar and keys. A few years later, when she saw Laurel Canyon in college, she realized she was not just a singer/songwriter but a producer too, and that was the career she wanted, producing all kinds of music not only for herself but others too. In the years since, she has released solo and collaborative music, toured the US, performed internationally, and been featured in Ukulele Magazine, SF Weekly and on NPR's Facebook page. Her songs have been played on radio stations in the UK, Europe, Australia, USA, and Sweden. While living in Texas after a national tour, she picked up the ukulele and a whole new genre of music poured out of her. Over the course of nearly two decades since she began writing songs, she has also lent her voice to many other artist's recordings and live shows. Songwriting and producing is what she lives and breathes.

When not making music, Lake Lady is often working on other creative ideas through her company, Unabashed Productions, and dreaming of her next adventure. She holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she graduated with honors and was awarded twice for her identity driven scripts. As a multiracial, bisexual woman, she began writing in high school in hopes of telling stories and writing characters that reflected her experience. Lake Lady loves writing about misfits, coming of age stories, and journeys of self-discovery. She currently resides in Los Angeles and is a member of the Dramatists Guild, SONA and ASCAP

Lake Lady feature in Ukulele Magazine.

Lake Lady feature in Ukulele Magazine.


Lake Lady feature in SF Weekly

Lake Lady feature in SF Weekly

To stand out, you have to be unique; you have to offer something different. I believe Lake Lady has achieved this. 
She has a unique singing style, matched with equally amazing music.”

— Lee Morunga of The Other Side Reviews 


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